With the development of technology, more and more people start to use computers in their daily life. The latest operating systems from Microsoft are Windows 10 and Windows 11. On a computer with such an operating system, you can store a huge number of files and enjoy lots of programs as well as games.

Usually, you can find your installed programs and apps in the Windows Start menu, Windows Settings, Control Panel, and File Explorer. If there are multiple users on the computer, they can view the programs and apps, too.

Are you sharing a computer with others such as…

Adobe Inc. is a famous computer software company. It provides a lot of programs for a wide range of content, such as video editing, picture editing, file viewing, etc. Adobe has a family of application and web services for creating and managing PDF (Portable Document Format) files, comprising Acrobat Reader, Acrobat, and Acrobat.com.

If you prefer to open PDF files with an Adobe program, it is a nice choice to change default PDF viewer to the program. In this way, you don’t need to choose a program to open your PDF file whenever you want to open it.

In the…

Can I Delete Zoom Account?

Zoom, short for Zoom Meeting, is a communication tool provided by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. A lot of people are using this tool, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom offers various services for users, such as online chat, audio conference, video teleconference, cloud storage, etc. Users can get different services by subscribing to different plans.

Before users start to use the Zoom service, they need to sign up or sign in with their Zoom account at first. For a basic (free) user, the Zoom account can be deleted whenever he or she wants. …

Zoom Cloud Meeting is a communication program developed by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. an American technology company. The program provides users with various services, including video teleconferencing, online chat, cloud storage, cloud recording, audio conferencing, etc. Some basic services are free to use. For advanced features, you need to join a paid plan.

Zoom Cloud Meeting is quite popular all over the world. To improve the user experience, Zoom keeps releasing updates for bug fixes and new features. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install the update once there is a new version of Zoom Cloud Meeting.

Generally, there are…

Can I Cancel Zoom Subscription? How About the Refunds?

Zoom Meeting, commonly shortened to Zoom, is a communication program developed by an American communications technology company. It provides various services, such as video teleconference, online chat, audio conference, cloud storage, etc.

This program provides various plans and add-ons for different users. Some of the basic features are available in the free plan. For more advanced features, users need to subscribe to higher plans. For the detailed differences among the Zoom plans, you can visit the official website of Zoom.

You might wonder can you cancel Zoom subscriptions. Actually, depending on the plan you choose, your subscription renews every month…

Windows 11 is an operating system announced by Microsoft on June 24, 2021. As the successor to Windows 10, Windows 11 has many new features and a brand new outlook.

Unfortunately, the official version of Windows 11 won’t be released until October 5. Nowadays, users can only experience the new operating system through the Windows Insider Preview program. There are various bugs and issues in Windows 11 Insider Preview builds. Some users reported laptop hotkeys not working on Windows 11. The problem can be caused by many factors, but don’t worry. Here I put together some possible solutions.

Solution 1: Restart Your Laptop

Sometimes a…

What Is Rest Mode PS5

If you are a fan of video games, you should not miss PS5, short for PlayStation 5. It is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive, released on November 12, 2020.

What is MSI Burn Recovery

MSI, short for Micro-Star International Co., Ltd, is a multinational technology corporation. It offers users computer hardware-related products and services, such as desktops, laptops, motherboards, etc.

MSI computers are reputable and popular. Considering that issues might happen on computers after a long time of use, MSI provides a useful tool to create a recovery storage device on their computers — MSI Burn Recover, also referred to as MSI BurnRecovery and MSI Recovery Image Backup.

MSI Burn Recover uses the data inside the system recovery partition to create a Windows recovery storage device. And the storage device can be a DVD…

Do I Need to Wrap Text Google Slides

Google Slides, developed by Google LLC, is a presentation program. It is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, BlackBerry, and Chrome OS.

Google Slides is commonly used as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. It supports Microsoft PowerPoint file formats and allows users to create and edit files online. They can also collaborate with others in real-time while using Google Slides.

If you are not familiar with this program, this post might be helpful. Today, I’d like to introduce how to wrap text in Google Slides.

You might ask why you need to wrap text while making…

Summary :

Are you used to view the 12 hour clock or 24 hour clock? Which one do you expect to appear on the lock screen? This post from the MiniTool Partition Wizard website introduces how to change lock screen clock format to 12 or 24 hour clock on Windows 11/10.

When you start your computer, you will see the lock screen. Only if you enter the right password, you can sign in and start to use your computer. It is a way to protect the security and privacy of your computer. …

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