Firefox Won’t Load Pages? Here Is How to Solve It

Summary :

  • Linux.
  • macOS: OS X10.9 or later, and macOS 10.12 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows: Windows 7 or later.
  • Android: Android Lollipop or later.
  • iOS: iOS 11.4 or later.

Solution 1: Clear Cookies and Cache

If you encounter the problem of Firefox not loading pages that comes with one of the following error messages, the problem might have something to do with Firefox’s cache data and you should clear it to fix this error:

  • The connection has timed out.
  • The connection was interrupted.
  • The connection was reset.

Solution 2: Disable Your Security Software Temporarily

You might use some Internet security software to scan and protect your computer from being attacked by viruses and malware. Sometimes it could regard certain websites or images as web bugs and prevent them from displaying.

Solution 3: Reset Firefox

You can also try resetting Firefox to fix the website not loading in Firefox. Here is how to do it.


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