How to Delete Microsoft Account Permanently? Here Is the Tutorial

Summary :

Preparations to Do Before Deleting Microsoft Account

If you have used the Microsoft account for a long time, here is exactly what you need to pay attention to.

  • Unsubscribe the services associated with your Microsoft account. You will be unable to access these services after you delete Microsoft account. Therefore, if you don’t cancel the subscriptions, you will lose much.
  • Let your friends know that your email address will be unavailable. You can’t use the emails associated with your Microsoft account after deleting the account. These email services are ended with: “”, “”, “”, or “”. You can set up an automated email forward.
  • Spend your money which is on the Microsoft account. When you delete the account, the money associated with it will be useless, including Skype credit, and you should spend it on items you can keep after the deletion.
  • Back up Your Data. The data stored in Microsoft services will be inaccessible, such as files in OneDrive or emails in Outlook. Therefore, you should copy them to local drive or somewhere else that isn’t associated with the Microsoft account.
  • Deal with your sub accounts. Child accounts need the parent account to give them consent while logging in. you need to take that into consideration, too.
  • Turn off reset protection. Remember to disable the reset protection before deleting the account. Otherwise, you might be unable to use the device after delete the account.

How to Delete a Microsoft Account

If you’re sure everything is safe, you can start to delete Microsoft account. Here is the steps on how to delete Microsoft account from Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and please follow them.



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