How to Enable and Disable Firefox Dark Mode? Here Is the Tutorial

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About Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, simply for Firefox, is a free web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is one of the most popular web browsers around the world. As of September 2020, according to StatCounter, Firefox becomes the third-most-popular web browser after Google Chrome and Safari.

How to Enable Dark Mode Firefox

If you are using the Firefox app on the Windows desktop, you can follow the steps below to enable Firefox dark mode.

How to Disable Dark Mode Firefox

When you want to exit Firefox dark mode, you can go to the Extensions & Themes. In the Themes tab, click the Disable button for Dark mode. Then Firefox should go back to its default mode. You can also click the Enable button for any other themes you have installed to disable Firefox dark mode and apply the theme you like.

Further Reading: How to Enable Dark Mode for Other Browsers

Similar to Mozilla Firefox, some other web browsers also provide a dark theme for users. Now, let’s see how to enable dark mode for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

For Google Chrome

To enable dark mode for Google Chrome, you can click the three-dot icon from the top right corner and select Settings. Then scroll down to find the Appearance section. Click the Theme option. In the following window, click the Themes hyperlink and select the theme “ Just Black”. In the pop-up window, click Add to Chrome.

For Microsoft Edge

Similarly, you can also open Microsoft Edge in dark mode easily. To enable dark mode for Microsoft Edge, you just need to go to the Settings. Then select Appearance in the left pane. In the right pane, expand the drop-down menu for the Default theme section. Then select Dark.


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