How to Fix Blurry Screen on Windows 11? Here’re the Top 4 Methods

Method 1: Check Your Display Resolution

Why is the display blurry?

Method 3: Enable ClearType Text Tuner

Microsoft provides a tool named ClearType Text Tuner that can make the text on the screen sharper, clear, and easier to read. Here is how to use this tool.

Method 3: Change Graphics Settings to High Performance for the Blurry App

If you encounter the blurry screen on Windows 11 only when you use one or two applications, you can try using high graphics performance for the app(s) to solve the problem. Here is how to fix blurry apps on Windows 11.

Method 4: Change the Visual Effects Settings

Disabling some visual effects such as animation can help improve the performance when your computer runs very slowly. However, it can also make your screen blurry and unclear. So, to fix the Windows 11 blurry screen, you need to change the visual effects settings.


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