How to Fix Hard Disk Error 3F1 on HP Laptop? Here Are 6 Solutions

Fix 1: Power Reset Your HP Laptop

Fix 2: Reset BIOS Settings

  1. Reset BIOS settings from the BIOS or UEFI
  2. Reset BIOS settings by reinstalling or replacing the CMOS
  3. Reset BIOS settings by clearing the jumper on the motherboard.

Fix 3: Check for Hard Drive Issues

Boot into Safe Mode with Networking

Run Disk Error Checking Tool in Windows

Run CHKDSK in Command Prompt

  • d: refers to the drive letter of a logical drive.
  • /f: fixes errors on the disk.
  • /r: locates bad sectors and tries to recover readable information.

Fix 4: Run HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI

Fix 5: Reconnect Your Hard Drive or Test It on Another PC

Fix 6: Recover Data and Reinstall the Operating System

Bottom Line




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