How to Fix Vanguard Stuck on Loading Screen — 6 Solutions

Solution 1: Kill Unnecessary Background Programs

If there are too many programs running at the same time, your PC may slow down and even freeze, which can be the reason for the Vanguard stuck on loading screen issue. To solve the problem, you should close all the unnecessary programs running in the background with Task Manager.

Solution 4: Check and Repair Corrupted Game Files

The “Cod Vanguard stuck on loading screen” issue could also happen due to corrupted or missing game files. To check and repair them, the launcher can also help.

Solution 5: Increase Your Virtual RAM

Virtual RAM is used to provide additional space for high-speed memory functions when your RAM is not enough. If the virtual RAM is low, you might encounter various problems on your PC, including “Call of Duty Vanguard stuck on loading screen”. In this case, you need to increase the virtual RAM.

Solution 6: Turn off Overlay Features

Some programs provide Overlay features to improve the gaming experience, such as Discord, Xbox Game Bar, Nvidia GeForce Experience, etc. Sometimes the Overlay features might interfere with games.


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