How to Record Sound Using Voice Recorder in Windows 10

Have you ever regretted not recording an important class lecture, business meetings or even a phone conversation? Fortunately, Windows 10 provides you with a simple option for recording the audio you want.

You may not be aware that Windows 10 includes a free Voice Recorder app, which can be used to record, trim, flag important moments, and share the audio effortlessly.

Let’s see how to record sound using Voice Recorder.

How to Install Voice Recorder App on Windows 10

Step 1: Click Start and then select Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Search for Windows Voice Recorder, and click the app in the search result.

Step 3: Click Get to download Voice Recorder.

Once you download Voice Recorder, it will be automatically installed. Then you can use it to record audio on Windows 10.

How to Record Sound Using Voice Recorder

Recording Audio

Step 1: Press Win + S and type Voice Recorder in the search box. Then click the app to open it.

Step 2: Click Record button or press Ctrl + R to start recording.

Step 3: Click Stop button to finish recording when you have recorded all you need.

Further help:

  • Flag button: You can use it to add a marker at a certain time during recording, which enables you to quickly jump to the certain part when editing the track. And the audio recording won’t be interrupted if you use this option.
  • Pause button: You can temporarily stop the recording without terminating the session by clicking this option.

When you complete the recording process, Voice Recorder will automatically save the audio file as a .m4a file, and you can go to This PC > Documents > Sound recordings to find it.

Playing Audio Recordings

Trimming Audio Recording

Step 1: Open Video Recorder and select the recording you want to trim from the left pane.

Step 2: Click the Trim button from the bottom-right corner.

Step 3: Select the beginning and end of the recording using the pins in the track.

Step 4: Click Save icon from the bottom-right corner, and choose Save a copy option. Then you will get a copy of the part of your recording.

Originally published at on October 16, 2019.