How to Reinstall Windows Free? Use the HP Cloud Recovery Tool

What Is HP Cloud Recovery Tool

After being used for a period of time, your computer might run into a problem, slow down, or even stop working sometimes. In some cases, the issue can be solved if you search on the internet for solutions. In some cases, you have no choice but to reinstall the operating system (OS) to fix the problem. For HP users, it is a good idea to use HP Cloud Recovery Tool to reinstall the OS.

How to Use HP Cloud Recovery Tool

If you are wondering how to use HP Cloud Recovery Tool, don’t worry. Here is a detailed tutorial and you can follow it to complete reinstalling Windows 10 easily. Generally, you need to do three moves, including:

  1. Create a bootable recovery USB drive using HP Cloud Recovery Tool.
  2. Perform the HP system recovery with the USB drive.

Move 1: Back up Data

Before you reinstall Windows 10 with HP Cloud Recovery, you’d better back up your important files to an external hard drive to avoid data loss.

  • Make sure your computer has a stable Internet connection.
  • Keep the power cable connected during the process. Do not disconnect from the Internet or turn off your computer while using HP Cloud Recovery Tool to reinstall OS.
  • Make sure your computer has at least 20 GB of free space on the system partition. If your system partition is not large enough, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to extend the system partition.

Move 2: Create a Bootable Recovery USB Drive

After you back up the needed data, you can disconnect your external hard drive and connect a USB drive that is larger than 32GB to your computer. Then follow the steps below to create a bootable recovery USB drive with HP Cloud Recovery Tool.

Move 3: Use the USB Drive to Perform the HP System Recovery

Once you created the bootable Windows recovery tool successfully, you can use it to reinstall Windows 10 on your HP computer. Here are the detailed steps.

Bottom Line

If you are an HP user, it’s a good choice to use HP Cloud Recovery Tool when your computer runs into a problem and needs to be recovered. The process might be a little bit difficult, but don’t worry. You can complete it successfully if you refer to this tutorial.

HP Cloud Recovery FAQ


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