How to Restore Chrome Tabs? Here Are 3 Methods!

Summary :

Method 1: How to Restore Chrome Tabs via a Keyboard Shortcut

If you just closed a Chrome tab a few minutes ago, it should be easy to restore it. You just need to press Shift + Ctrl + T on Google Chrome to reopen the closed tab. Alternatively, you can right-click any empty space in the tab bar and select Reopen closed tab.

Method 2: How to Restore Tabs on Chrome via History

Shift + Ctrl + T is the easiest and quickest way to restore a closed tab, but it only works for the latest tab. If you want to restore tabs Chrome which were closed earlier, you can try checking them in the browsing history. Here are three ways to go to Chrome History.

  • You can click the three-dot icon on Chrome and select History to view recently closed tabs. If you don’t find the tabs you want, click History in the pop-up menu to view more closed tabs.
  • You can also press Ctrl + H to check the list of History
  • Another way is to type chrome://history/ in the address bar and press Enter.

Method 3: How to Restore Tabs on Chrome via Tab Restore

Google provides an extension which helps to restore recently closed tabs and window sessions. It is Tab Restore. You can search it form the Chrome web store, and then click Add to Chrome to install it.

Further Tip: Restore Chrome Tabs After Restart

If you want the tabs which were opened last time to automatically reopen whenever you close and restart Google Chrome, you can change the startup settings for Chrome.



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