How to Solve Netflix Error Code F7701–1003? Here Are 6 Methods

Summary :

Method 2: Enable Cookies in Firefox

To fix Netflix error code F7701–1003, you can also try enabling the cookies and history for Firefox. Here are the detailed steps.

Method 3: Make Sure DRM Content Is Enabled

If you still receive Netflix error F7701–1003, you should check the DRM Content setting and make sure it is enabled.

Method 4: Enable the Widevine Firefox Plugin

In addition to DRM Content, you might also need to enable the Widevine plugin.

Method 5: Refresh Firefox

Fefreshing Firefox could also help solve Netflix error code F7701–1003. It will restore Firefox to the default settings. In Firefox, you need to click Open menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information. Then click the Refresh Firefox button. In the pop-up window, click Refresh Firefox. After that, the browser will be restarted and you can check if Netflix could work without errors.

Method 6: Reinstall Firefox

If all the above methods fail to help you solve Netflix error code F7701–1003, you might need to reinstall Firefox to remove the error.


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