How to Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud? Here Are 3 Methods

Summary :

Method 1: How to Uninstall Creative Cloud Manually

The first method is to uninstall Creative Cloud manually by yourself. According to Adobe, you have to uninstall all the installed apps included in Creative Cloud before you can uninstall Creative Cloud app itself. Now, let’s see the detailed steps.

Method 2: How to Uninstall Creative Cloud with Its Uninstaller

As you can see, it is a little complicated to uninstall Adobe Creative Could manually, and there might be some leftovers you need to delete after uninstalling. An easier way to uninstall the app is to use its official uninstaller. It should be reliable and safe. You can following the steps below.

Method 3: How to Uninstall Creative Cloud via Third-Party Software

You can also uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud with a professional third-party application for PC cleaning and optimizing, such as CCleaner, IObit, Eraser, Freeraser, and so on.



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