Is Your PS5 Loud? How to Reduce PS5 Fan noise? Follow This Guide

Is PS5 Loud Normal?

Why Does PS5 Fan Noise Happen?

How to Reduce PS5 Fan Noise?

  • Never put your PS5 console on a carpet or rug with long fibres, especially while it is running.
  • You should place your PS5 console in a ventilated area instead of a narrow or cramped place. Please make sure that the air vents on the sides and back of the console are not obstructed. And there should be at least 10cm of free space around each side of your PS5 console.
  • Clean the outside and inside of your PS5 regularly. You should not allow dust to build up in or around your console’s air. Once the air vents are stuck with dust, your PS5 system will get overheat easily.




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