Pinned Apps Not Showing in Windows 11? Here Are the Top 5 Fixes

Fix 1: Restart File Explorer

File Explorer is a built-in file manager application on Windows 11. It not only offers a graphical user interface that can be used to access stored files but also presents many user interface items such as the taskbar and desktop. When you can’t pin apps to taskbar, you can try restarting File Explorer.

Fix 2: Change Local Group Policy Settings

You can also fix pinned apps not showing in Windows 11 by changing the policy settings for the “Remove pinned programs from the Taskbar” item. Here are the detailed steps.

Fix 3: Delete Corrupted Icon Cache File

Windows 11 has an IconCache.db file that stores a copy of every app icon. When it is needed, the operating system will retrieve the icon from this file quickly, instead of searching from the app installation folder. If the icon cache file is corrupted, you might encounter app icons not showing Windows 11.


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