PS4 Setup | How to Set up A PS4 for the Best Gaming Performance

PS4 Setup Tip 1: Connect Your PS4 to a TV

PS4 Setup Tip 2: Set Automatically Power off for Your Controller

PS4 Setup Tip 3: Use Headphones While Playing Games

PS4 Setup Tip 4: Always Install the Latest PS4 System Software

PS4 Setup Tip 5: Free up Storage Space Regularly

PS4 Setup Tip 6: Use a PS4 External Hard Drive

PS4 Setup Tip 7: Put your PS4 into Rest Mode When You Leave for a While

PS4 Setup Tip 8: Join PlayStation Plus

PS4 Setup Tip 9: Clean Your PS4 Regularly to Avoid Overheating

PS4 Setup Tip 10: Try Recommended Accessories for PS4 Gaming Setup

DualShock 4 Controller

Wireless Gaming Headset

VR Headset

Bottom Line





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Sherry li

Sherry li

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