Quick Guide: What do Western Digital Colors Stand for?

About Western Digital Drives

Western Digital (WD), also known as Western Digital Corporation (WDC), is an American manufacturer focusing on produce computer hard disk drive. Western Digital has good reputation, and it is one of the best disk manufacturers over the world.

Western Digital Red

Drives with one of the Western Digital colors, Red, are designed for NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems, a file-level data storage device attached to TCP/IP network. They are commonly used by home users and offices as backup devices.

Western Digital Blue and Black

Western Digital Blue drives have the capacities up to 6TB, high data density and relatively high data transfer speed. With built-in SSD, hey are intended for average users. They are usually cheaper than WD Red drives. A single WD Blue drive with 1TB only sells $44.99 on Amazon.

Western Digital Green

Western Digital Green drives, the cheapest Western Digital drives, are eco-friendly. They are more power-efficient than WD Blue drives, attributed to a variable RPM. However, they have lower performance. The slow speed makes them inadvisable for primary and gaming HDD usage, but they are good for archival storage.

Western Digital Purple

WD Purple HDDs are surveillance hard drives. They are designed with AllFram techonology which improves ATA streaming and helps to reduce errors like pixilation and other video interruptions during the video recording process. They are supported in the video recording system with up to 64 cameras.

Western Digital Gold

Western Digital Gold HDDs are available in 1TB to 18TB capacities. They are designed for use in enterprise-class storage systems and data centers, providing up to 2.5M hours MTBF, vibration protection technology and a low power consumption. All of them have 7200 RPM, and they are also expensive. A 1TB WD Gold Enterprise Class HDD is $77.99 on Amazon.