Quick Guide: What Is Intel Delayed Launcher? How to Disable It?

What Is Intel Delayed Launcher?

They are many users who regard Delayed Launcher (also refers to as IAStorIconLaunch.exe) as a type of malware or virus file when they see the program in Task Manager for the first time. But actually, it is a software component of Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) by Intel Corporation.

How to Disable Intel Delayed Launcher?

You might wonder is it safe to disable IAStorIconLaunch.exe. You should know that it will do no harm to your computer, but the program could help you prevent malware or virus attack. So, it might not be a good choice to disable it.

Method 1: for Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, you can use MSConfig to disable the Delayed Launcher Intel program form startup. Here are the detailed steps.

Method 2: for Windows 8/10

For Windows 8/10, you should disable the Delayed Launcher in Task Manager. Please follow the steps below.