Solved: Error Wring Proxy Settings on Windows 11 (2022 Update)

Solution 1: Release/Renew Your IP

When you encounter Windows 11 error writing proxy settings, you can try releasing and refreshing your IP address. It can help you get out of the problem temporarily.

Solution 2: Disable Startup Programs

Windows 11 error writing proxy settings could also happen due to a third-party program that is interfered with your operating system. Some programs will add themselves to the Startup list when you download and install them. If you have such startup apps, please disable them at startup.

Solution 3: Set Windows Console Host as the Default Terminal App

By default, Windows Console Host is the default terminal app on Windows 11. If you have changed the default terminal app, you might encounter the error writing proxy settings on Windows 11. In this case, you need to set Windows Console Host as the default app to fix the problem.

Solution 4: Go back to the Previous Version

Windows 11 allows you to roll back the recent Windows update installed before 10 days.


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