[Solved] Nvidia Graphics Card Not Detected on Windows 10

Summary :

  • Incompatible drivers
  • Incorrect BIOS settings
  • GPU slot issues
  • Hardware issues

Solution 1: Enable the Graphics Card

The problem will occur if your graphics card is disabled in Device Manager. You can enable it with the following steps.

Solution 2: Install the Latest Nvidia Drivers Manually

If you’re sure you have enabled the graphics card but it still cannot be detected on Windows 10, you can try to fix the problem by installing the latest Nvidia drivers.

Solution 3: Make Sure the Discrete GPU Is Enabled in BIOS

If you have both integrated and discrete graphics, you need to enable the discrete graphics from BIOS, or Windows might not be able to detect it.

Solution 4: Check Graphics Card Slot

The damaged slot on your motherboard where the graphics card is inserted could also cause this problem.



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