Step-by-Step Guide: How Do I Make My Razer Keyboard Light up

About Razer Keyboard

Razer keyboards are produced by Razer Inc., a global gaming hardware manufacturing company. Razer Huntsman series feature with optical switches, and the BlackWidow series feature with Mechanical switches. They are commonly used by game lovers, as they bring speed, precision and the typing experience while gaming. Besides, they looks pretty with the light.

Solution 1: Change a USB Port

Razer keyboard not lighting up issue could be caused by poor connection. Therefore, to light up keyboard, the first thing you should try is to disconnect your Razer keyboard and then plug it to another USB port to check whether it lights up.

Solution 3: Reinstall Razer Synapse

You might need to reinstall you Razer Synapse application if you’re still looking for the answer to the question “how do I make my Razer keyboard light up”. Here are the detailed steps.