Top 3 Solutions to PresentationFontCache.exe High CPU Usage

About PresentationFontCache.exe and Its High CPU Usage

What is PresentationFontCache.exe? Actually, it is a software associated with the .NET Framework. The software is responsible for loading the font glyphs in the memory, which enables the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications to use theses fonts. Therefore, when you run a WPF app, the PresentationFontCache.exe will be started in order to offer font’s information for the app.

Solution 1: Delete FontCache.dat

When you encounter PresentationFontCache.exe high CPU usage, it is possible that the .dat file which includes information referenced to an application is corrupted. You can try deleting the file and restarting the PC to solve the problem.

Solution 2: Disable Presentation Font Cache Service

As mentioned, PresentationFontCache.exe starts when WPF software is running. If you don’t use any WPF applications, you can stop the Presentation Font Cache service.

Solution 3: Repair .NET Framework

Another way to fix PresentationFontCache.exe high CPU usage is to repair the .NET Framework, since they are associated.