What Is Javaw.exe? What Should You Do If It Is Missing?

Summary :

What Is Javaw.exe?

Javaw.exe is an executable which is part of the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It is used to launche Java programs, JAR files included. The javaw.exe command is identical to java.exe, but there is no console window associated with javaw.exe.

How to Fix Javaw.exe Missing?

To fix javaw.exe missing, here are 3 solutions and you can try them one by one. Hope they could be helpful for you.

Solution 1: Scan for Malware

Malware attack could be a reason for javaw.exe missing, and you should scan for malware to troubleshoot the issue. Microsoft provides a Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool which helps keep Windows computers free from prevalent malware. You can also use other third-party software such as Malwarebytes to check it.

Solution 2: Add Javaw.exe Path to the Environment Variable Path

If you still fail to open certain Java program because Windows can’t find javaw.exe file, you should try adding the javaw.exe path to the environment variable path manually. Here are the detailed step.

Solution 3: Reinstall Java

Don’t be upset if the solutions above are not helpful in your case. Here is another way you can have a ty: reinstall Java program, as outdated Java versions could also be responsible for javaw.exe missing.



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