Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking? Here Are the Top 4 Fixes

Fix 1: Make Sure Your Xbox Controller Is Paired Properly

Why is my Xbox controller blinking fast? When you encounter the problem, the first thing is to check whether your Xbox controller has been paired properly.

Fix 2: Restart Xbox One

Another way to fix Xbox controller blinking issue is to restart your Xbox One console. You just need to press and hold the Power button on your console for about 10 seconds to turn your Xbox One off. Then disconnect the power cable. After 20 minutes, you can plug the power cable and turn on the console to check whether your Xbox controller stops blinking.

Fix 3: Check Your Battery

Low or broken battery issues could also lead to Xbox controller blinking due to the weak signal. Therefore, you should also check your battery status. Replace or charge your battery according to your needs.


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