Why Is My Xbox One So Slow? How to Stop Lagging on Xbox?

Why Is My Xbox One So Slow?

You might ask: why is my Xbox One so slow? Unfortunately, there are various possible reasons for this problem, such as network issues, cache issues, background app-related problems, insufficient storage space, etc.

How to Stop Lagging on Xbox One?

You might not sure what causes the lagging issue on your Xbox One. Therefore, to troubleshoot the problem, you need to try multiple solutions. Don’t worry. You can follow the fixes below one by one to solve the problem.

Fix 1: Check for Network Issues

Xbox One lagging issues could happen due to a slow network. To solve the problem, you can restart your router. You need to disconnect its power cable and wait for about 5 minutes. Then reconnect the power cable. After that, you can check whether your Xbox console runs faster.

Fix 2: Close Background Processes

If you are running many other programs in the background while playing a game on Xbox One, the game could be lagging. Therefore, it is recommended to close other background games and apps to solve the problem.

Fix 3: Clear Cache

The cache includes temporary files created when you launch games. When the cache is corrupted, you could encounter the Xbox lagging issue. In this case, you should clear the cache data.

Fix 4: Free up Xbox One Storage Space

When your Xbox One is running out of space, it could also get slow. You can delete some games that you don’t want to play to free up space.


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